The Foundations of The Work that Reconnects


A breathtakingly new view of reality arises from deep ecology, systems thinking, and the resurgence of non-dualistic spirituality.  These three streams attest to our mutual belonging in the web of life, and to powers within us for the healing of our world.  They are basic to the core assumptions of the Work That Reconnects.

Core Assumptions of the Work That Reconnects

  1. Our Earth is alive. It is not our supply house and sewer; it is our larger body.
  2. Our true nature is far more ancient and encompassing than the separate self-defined by habit and society.  We are as intrinsic to our living world as the rivers and trees, woven of the same flows of matter/energy and mind.  Having evolved us into self-reflexive consciousness, the world can now know and see itself through us, behold its own majesty, tell its own stories—and also respond to its own suffering.
  3. Our experience of moral pain for our world springs from our interconnectedness with all beings, from which also arise our powers to act on their behalf.  When we deny or repress our pain for the world, or view it as a private pathology, our power to take part in the healing of our world is diminished.  Our capacity to respond to our own and others’ suffering can be unblocked.
  4. Unblocking occurs when our pain for the world is not only intellectually validated, but also experienced.  Cognitive information about the crises we face is generally  insufficient to mobilize us.  But direct experience of our own deep emotional response can  reveal our mutual belonging in the web of life, and free us to act.
  5. When we reconnect with life, by  willingly enduring our pain for it, the mind retrieves its natural clarity.  We experience not only our interconnectedness in the Earth community, but also mental eagerness to match this experience with new paradigm thinking.  Significant learnings occur as the individual re-orients to wider reaches of identity and self-interest.
  6. The experience of reconnection with the Earth community arouses desire to act on its behalf. As Earth’s self-healing powers take hold within us, we feel called to take part in the Great Turning.  The steps we take can be modest ones, but they should involve some risk to our mental  comfort, lest we remain caught in old, “ safe” limits.  Courage is a great teacher and bringer of joy.


Aims of the Work That Reconnects

The Work That Reconnects helps us  discover our innate connections with each other and with the self-healing powers in the web of life.  This aim is essential for the emergence of a life-sustaining  culture.

In order to do this, we aim to:

  • to provide people the opportunity to experience and share with others their innermost responses to the present condition of our world.
  • to reframe their pain for the world as evidence of their interconnectedness in the web of life, and hence of their power to take part in its healing.
  •  to provide people with concepts– from systems science, deep ecology, or spiritual traditions­­– which illumine this power, along with exercises which reveal its play in their own lives.
  • to provide methods by which people can experience their interdependence with, their responsibility to, and the inspiration they can draw from past and future generations, and other life-forms.
  •  to enable people to embrace the Great Turning as a challenge which they are fully capable of meeting in a broad variety of ways, and as a privilege in which they can take joy.
  • to enable people to support each other in clarifying their intention, and affirming their commitment to the healing of the world.

Joanna Macy, see her website


Our Relationship with the Earth Community

Thomas Berry on:  Our Relationship with Earth Community

We might observe that our Western religious institutions are strangely indifferent to what is happening. This indifference arises, apparently, as a result of excessive concern for redemptive processes out of this world, which is considered to be seductive-rather than integration within this world considered to be sacred. There seems to be little realization that the disintegration of the natural world is the destruction of the primordial self-manifestation of the divine. The very existence of religion is threatened in proportion as the splendour of the natural world is diminished. …If we lived on the moon, our sense of the divine would be as dull as the lunar landscape. (ET, chapter 4, page 47-48)

Realizing that there is something terribly wrong in our relations with the natural world our religious traditions have recently begun putting special emphasis on the concept of stewardship as the primary relationship between the human community and the natural world. This concept of stewardship is derived from biblical statements concerning human dominion over the Earth and all its living creatures.

To many religious people, this seems quite adequate as a basic orientation toward the natural world. To others, stewardship itself is the origin of our present evils. There is no way in which we can care for the natural world or improve the genius of nature. (ET, chapter 4, page 52-53)

It should not be said that stewardship exhausts Christian concern for the world about us. There is profound Christian awareness that the natural world itself is a manifestation of the divine. This has led to the concept of revelation being contained in two scriptures: one of the scriptures of the natural world, the other of the scriptures of the Bible.

While this sense of the natural world as revelatory has been severely diminished since the sixteenth century, with the discovery of printing and the consequent emphasis on the written word, it is still available in the tradition itself. If more fully developed, this could lead to a more effective concern for the survival of the planet. (ET chapter 4, page 53)

As humans we are born of the Earth, nourished by the Earth, healed by the Earth. The natural world tells us: I will feed you, I will clothe you, I will shelter you. I will heal you. Only do not so devour me or use me that you destroy my capacity to mediate the divine and the human.

For I offer you communion with the divine, I offer you gifts that you can exchange with each other, I offer you flowers whereby you may express your reverence for the divine and your love for each other.

•All these benefits the Earth gives to us individually, in our communities and throughout the entire Earth…..(ET, chapter 12, Page 139)


The integrity of the life systems of the planet, diminished in the spread of humans across the planet, must now be restored. Neither the historical human nor the distant divine nor both together can provide the deeper integration we seek at present. This integration cannot be attained simply by the human, for indeed the human is not the ultimate measure of its own fulfilment.  Neither can this integration be attained through the divine, because the divine cannot be its own manifestation. We need the phenomenal world for this. A universe. An integral self-organizing universe. (Sacred Universe/SU, chapter 3, page 43)

It takes a universe to bring humans into being, a universe to educate humans, a universe to fulfil the human mode of being. More immediately, it takes a solar system and a planet Earth to shape,educate, and fulfil the human.

The difficulty in recent times is that the concern of the human in all the various traditions, with few exceptions, has been focused almost exclusively on inter-human and divine-human relationships. Human-Earth relations have not been given the comprehensive consideration needed. That is where our contemporary challenge is located. (SU, chapter 3,page 44)

Our Way forward

…Our alienation is definitively overcome within a unified understanding of ourselves, of the universe, and all the forces present therein… (SU, chapter 3, page 46)

We need a new pattern of rapport with the planet. … Only a change that profound in human consciousness can remedy the deep cultural pathology manifest in such destructive behavior. Such a change is not possible, however, so long as we fail to appreciate the planet that provides us with a world abundant in volume and variety of food for our nourishment, a world exquisite in supplying beauty of forms,sweetness of taste, delicate fragrances for our enjoyment and exciting challenges for us to overcome with skill and action. (SU, chapter 3, page 48)


Earth meditation Heal, Filippines

  • ET: The Christian Future and the Fate of the Earth,  Thomas Berry ISBN 978-1-57075-851-5
  • Kosmologi Kristen, translation of ET, Thomas Berry ISBN 9 789799 447920
  • The Sacred Universe, Thomas Berry ISBN 978-0-231-145952-5

About the Drum and the Heart Beat

Playing the heart beat is the core of the process of reconnecting with the Earth. We connect with an ancient universal knowing. When we connect with the rhythm of the Earth and her life, magical things can happen.

We feel it in our bodies and if we tune in to rhythm of the Earth, the ancient pulse of life, we help to restore the balance in ourselves and in the Earth. When we are still and listen and hear our own heart beat, we can hear the heart of the Mother beating in the whole.

We take another step in our growth in an intimate relationship with the Earth, when we begin to feel the resonance between our own heart beat and the heart beat of the Earth. It can be a deep moment of homecoming. Some can really feel the heart beat and others sense it. It you feel this resonance it might result in a sparkling synchronicity when everything begins to flow..

The heart beat is not just imagination, but grounded in scientific evidence. The energy of our Earth Mother is measured as electrical units per second, which are called Hertz. In the book of Marcello Barros on Ecospirituality he quotes Leonardo Boff, a Brazilian theologian. ( I have no information about the English translation of the book).

“The German physicist W.O. Schumann discovered in 1952 that the Earth is surrounded by a strong electro magnetic field. It is formed between the surface of Earth and till the beginning of the ionosphere, about 100 meters above us. This field has a resonance ( called the Schumann resonance ) which has more or less a constant level of 7.83 hertz. Experiments have shown that outside this biological frequency humans cannot be healthy.

For thousands of years with this pulsating frequency a reasonable ecological balance developed. In the eighties and even more in the nineties of last century this frequency increased from 7.93 to 11 and to 13. The heart beat of the Earth became faster. And that while more and more ecological extreme situations began to emerge.

If we want that the Earth finds her rhythm back, we have to start this process in ourselves. We know that the Earth and we are one body. We need to do everything with less stress, more calm  and most of all with more love, because love is the harmonizing energy. We need to breathe together with the Earth and move with the pace of her heart beat, in order to restore the ecological balance. The rise of the frequency of the Earth helps us to grow and transform. The electro magnetic systems of the human body are responding to the shift in the Earth Mother’s electro magnetic system. The shift in the collective awareness of humankind will go faster too. We can understand in a deeper way the lessons of the path of initiation” ( Leonardo Boff)

The call of the Drum

Since the beginning of Civilization, drums were one of the main universal signals for calling people together for noble intentions. There were / are humanity’s common pulse. Drums do not know about race, domination, differences, hatred, jealousy, greed, language, human diversity. They know the magic of inclusivity and the full joy of one common heart beating. The drum connects: to all life of all time, to the heart beat in my body here and now. Our world needs drum circles, where people play the drum together, reducing stress and building harmony.

Every drum is unique and has her own voice. A drum is always female, because it is a symbol of the womb. A drum is alive and you need to build a relationship with the drum. If you are given a drum of you buy one, in a sacred session the drumkeeper in yourself has to be awakened. It is a great responsibility to be a drumkeeper.

Playing the drum while attuning to the heart beat of the Mother moves one’s consciousness to the inner worlds of visions and dreams. If you want to go into deep meditation and prayer, then play the heart beat in a very concentrated way for about twenty minutes. You might have entered the realms of your soul. A drum takes you to the center of the Earth. Here your body, spirit, mind, emotions become one with what is greater than yourself. Into the original Oneness you have travelled!

The heart beat is manifested through playing a special rhythm on the drum. It is the healing and reconnection with the four realms of human existence: mental self, spiritual self, emotional self and physical self.

There are 2 foundational rhythms:

  1. four steady beats followed by two quick beats.
  2. two rhythmic beats: one /two

In YouTube you can find your drum classes! Or look for music where the heart beat is drummed and play along. That is also a good way to learn to play the drum. E.g.  Music of Sacred Earth Drums.  David and Steve Gordon Available in I tunes

I thank my Mother Earth Spirituality teacher Swan Medicine Woman for introducing me to the drum and for awakening the drumkeeper in me.

own picture

Article from Leonardo Boff in Hemel en Aarde huwen, Marcelo Barros, page 41

inspired by Jamie Sams

Elly Verrijt, August 2017.

Your Earth Story

I am an Earth Pilgrim

We all have an unique story of our life with the Earth. Our story is the Story of the Earth and the Story of the Earth is our story.

Once you realize this and live from this awareness, your life will really change. All that happened in your life derives a new meaning of this understanding. Our life story is the story of a pilgrim: someone who gradually discovers the deeper meaning of his or her path, walked in the intimacy of a shared life with our Mother, the Earth.

So I invite you to start to reflect, write and speak about your life in this context. Here are some guiding questions to choose from.

  • You can start by making a drawing.  Draw the way you saw the Earth when you were five. Preferably with your left hand, if you are right handed. Or the other way around if that fits you most. Just put your memory of the Earth on paper. In colors, lines, symbols. Old Earth memories will present themselves to you, if you allow yourself to just let it all happen.
  • Now you write about a favorite spot, an animal that you loved, a precious tree, a river, a special sunrise or sunset, harvests etc.
  • Write about the moment when you first realized what is happening to the Earth and that the Earth is finite.
  • Write about moments, experiences in nature, landscapes that have shaped your soul. How is the landscape of your home country imprinted in your soul? Imagine who you would be if you grew up in the Antarctic or in a desert or on the moon!
  • Are there times of alienation in your life, when you lost touch with nature? Look at times of crisis in your life. How was your connection with nature, Earth at that moment? Do you see a connection?
  • Are there moments of awakening? How did it happen? How have you responded?
  • Where are you now on your pilgrim path with our Mother? Do you hear the voices that call you to come home? Write about are those voices?
  • What is the Mother Earth inviting you to now?adventure-2178746__340
  • free picture internet


  • More about Earth Pilgrim(s)

Experiences: Nature Journal


Your journey of connection with the natural world is going to take you into new territory. It will lead you to discoveries, insights, beauty, and new ways of seeing yourself and your place in the world. One of the most effective ways to help yourself along the way is to record your experiences in a journal. Keeping a Nature journal is simple – all you need is a notebook or sketch pad and the willingness to spend a little time with it on a regular basis. So you will record the way you grow in your connection with nature, with the Earth.

What to write about? What will you put in your Nature journal? Just write down whatever you experience, whatever happens, mostly unexpected. What have you seen, what creature draws your attention?  Record your discoveries. Might be you want to make a drawing. Paint the sunrise or the dawn.

As you do this over a period of time, you might feel how you become more attentive, how you begin to notice that nature has to tell you something. You might notice that you can ask a question as you walk in nature. It is a very old way of finding your path in life. In Ancient traditions this is called a Vision Quest. You ask for a vision and in one way or another an answer will be given, if you only open your heart to understand.

May you grow in your relationship with Mother Earth and in this way participate in her healing.

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Elly Verrijt 2017



To grow in Earth Connectedness

with thanks to Sr. Tess RGS  for editing the orginal text

A place of very deep intimacy is our awareness of being a creature, made by God, like all the other creatures. Speak in your prayer to God our Creator, to Jesus who knows this place so deeply, and to the Holy Spirit, the creative power of God.  Experience God’s tenderness. 

Praying with and for Creation. Find words for this newly awakened mode of relating with Mother Earth. Ask for the guidance of the Spirit that you might be given the gift of prayer, of Earth prayer. “All the trees of the forest will sing for joy; they will sing before the Lord” (Ps 96: 13).  We do not know how to pray constantly, but in oneness with all that is, we will find the way.

Listening.   All has sound.  Each star, the sun, the moon, every being has its own sound. Listen to the sounds.  Through our very own sound we are known by the Earth. She knows us, we are part of her. Hear her words from within. She will tell you what you need to do today in order to reconnect…feel the original oneness of all.

Seeing radiance.  All has radiance from within. In the intimacy with our Creator we become radiant. See how everything in creation is radiant.  The soil is radiant in its ways of giving all it has to the plants we put there and the soil nourishes and sustains. See the radiance and be touched by the immense care of our Creator for everything that is created.  See the capacity you have for radiance.

Feeling the softness of the body of Earth. Feel her strength. She carries us …  you can lean on the Earth, you can be strengthened by her.  Be aware of the energies she constantly gives by each step we take, each time we touch the Earth.

Respecting and honoring.  The Ancients in their ceremonies always pay their respect to even the tiniest blade of grass, worm, insects. This is an attitude we can learn.   Grow deeper into this. Out of the respect comes the true care. You will not be able anymore to waste anything, let something die through lack of attention and care. Each little plant has right to a life in fullness, also the animals we take care of.  See where you can grow in respect for all life and how to practice honoring. It is about knowing our place in the circle of life. It also means that we constantly ask ourselves: This behavior, this way of using my time and energy, does this fit in the circle of all life?

In connecting with the Earth in a deeper way, we have to be prepared from inside. We need to heal, to let go of negativity, let go of old ways of living and doing things. Otherwise we are not open to the sources of wisdom of Earth. We need to forgive ourselves for our alienation from our Mother, the ways we have developed to ignore her, to deny the life of creation and the needs of all other creatures too. We have to know our own deep pain and unfinished business, our woundedness. The ways in which we are wounded, not seen, neglected, not listened to, are reflected in the ways we dominate other creatures.

To know our deep desire for intimacy with the Earth and come home. The human of today has lost this deep connection with the Earth. The human is no longer embedded in the life of the Earth, has broken away from the circle of all life. This causes deep pain, loss of identity for outside the circle of life we do not know who we are and what we are about as humans. Then we look for security and something to still the hunger and satisfy our deep unmet needs by consumption or power, or by living an unreal life, not willing to look straight into the situation of our devastated Earth. Then we have indeed a second, virtual life, far beyond the reality of an Earth in need of healing.  We are the ones needing this healing and when we heal, the Earth heals.

Letting go of our arrogance. Mother Earth is waiting for us to come home to intimacy with the life community, and be healed in that intimacy. Then we will find beauty, rest, sense of identity, self worth, sense of enough and abundance. In this new intimacy with the whole life community we will grow in our understanding of what we can do and how we can help Mother Earth to regenerate.  Then we begin to accept ourselves in a new way, because we are accepted and we do no longer need to spend energy on finding security in a false sense of being. An enormous energy will break through in us.  Earth connectedness will bring strength, creativity, passion and a great warmth and love.

The need for meditation, body awareness as the instruments to practice Earth connectedness. This is a time of paradigm shift – we need to learn so many new ways of seeing, acting, understanding.  How can this be revealed to us if we do not listen carefully to the inner guidance given to us?   We are called to  grow in attentiveness. To care more for ourselves is a step in healing the Earth. We are to cleanse ourselves constantly of negativity, anger, greed. When we meditate daily, alone and together we heal the Earth of negativity, because we are in inner peace. In us Gaia is searching for her balance again. We can help her by meditating. In meditation, ecological imbalances in the world are addressed. Earth and humanity are but one body. What we do to ourselves, we do to the whole. We humans are the Earth that feels, loves, honors, thinks.  If we want the Earth to find back her balance, it has to start in each one of us, by doing everything with less stress, with more calm and alertness, attentiveness and love. This means that we go counter culture.  We are going to breath together with the Earth and our heartbeat has to beat in harmony with the heartbeat of the Earth.

Elly Verrijt


Coming Home to Mother Earth

The Good News

“We are returning to our native place after a long absence, meeting once again with our family in the earth community. For too long we have been away somewhere, entranced with our industrial world of wires and wheels, concrete and steel and our unending highways, where we race back and forth…..

… a feeling of intimacy we now experience as we recover our presence within the Earth community…. Presently we are returning to the primordial community of the universe, the earth, and all living beings. Each has its own voice, its role, its power over the whole….” Th. Berry: Dream of the Earth, chapter 1 ( 1)



This meditation is inspired by words of Thomas Berry in The World of Wonder

  • What do you see when you look up to the sky at night and you greet the moon and see the myriads of twinkling stars looking at you? What are your thoughts when the day fades away or you look out over the ocean or a river in the evening? What do you see?What do you see when dawn breaks over the eastern horizon?
  • Imagine that someone is with you and tells you about an abiding world, a world imaged forth in the wonders of sun and clouds and the stars and planets at night. What is this person telling you?
  • You might have heard that this world is guardian, healer, teacher, sustainer and the origin from which you came and the destiny you return to. Have you ever felt this?
  • A world that is the source of a tremendous strength and power in times of hardship and suffering. Do you feel this strength that comes from the Earth? Especially now in these times of deep crisis?
  • Now you look at yourself in the midst of a cosmic world and the Earth. This is where you belong. Part of one single community: the universe. Do you feel that you are part of the universe, that you are the universe?
  • When Th. Berry speaks about coming home after a long absence, where have we been? Where have we loved and what has filled our hearts with beauty and a sense of connection with the ground under our feet?

We have lost it, this deep intimacy and knowingness about nature. According to Thomas Berry alienation is the oldest and most universal human experience, our not knowing how we belong to the universe. Do you know your place and role in the Earth community?

At our birth we know we have come from a spirit place, with a clear mission. During our life we forget this and the journey of our life is to remember how deep we belong to nature. Yes, we are nature. Now is the time to come back to our deep knowingness and wisdom about life on this planet and our relationship with Mother Earth.                        The good news is that this knowing is not lost, we have only forgotten it!

Coming Home

In our time, all over the world there are voices of the Elders. The council of thirteen grandmothers, ( Earth Elders from all over the World) speak to us: “The Grandmother of all Creation, the One who is the maker of life, The One whom we have forgotten, is calling us. She is not angry with us, she is sad that we have forgotten who She is”.  (2)  She is coming back into our consciousness through prophecy and visions. She brings profound nurturing, a depth of compassion and a deep love for caring for all that is alive.

This power is coming to life in all of us who are awakening to the profound mysteries of the Earth and her community of life. This  feminine energy is awaking in the heart of women and men; it is the energy that will help us to heal the Earth, by balancing our own energies.

More than five hundred years the circle of life was broken the grandmothers say, because the original teachings of the Creator were forgotten; knowing who we are in time and space as children of the Mother. All the grandmothers believe that we must develop a different relationship with Creation itself, otherwise there is no hope both for humanity and the Earth community. Nature is showing us the signs. If we can only see, the Spirit world is so close.

Earth Wisdom

We are born with a memory in our cells: the memory of how nature works, a memory about the wisdom embedded in Creation. Creation stories tell us, that Wisdom ( often personified and called Sofia)  created the Universe. The Ancient people call this Knowingness, Original Thought. Original Thought is insight in the purpose of the Creator in creating and in the structures and patterns that uphold Creation and Evolution.

We live our life mostly driven by certain thoughts and beliefs. It is what education and culture tell us. We consider it as “normal life”. Original thoughts are created from a Divine state of Oneness. They are sacred laws and sacred truths. They can break the chain of the beliefsystems which cause so much devastation in our soul, in the soul of the community of life. The main beliefsystem is that we are made to think that we are separated: separated from God, separated from each other and separated from nature, Earth, the Universe. Original Thought reveals to us that Spirit lives inside of us, that there is a place in our soul where we know the ways and thoughts of our Creator. That we are part of all life, from the Beginning up to this moment. Each created being has a place, a very unique place in the circle of life. If we know this, we see that our life has such a deep meaning.  Love knows no boundaries and forms.

We are called to go deep within and listen in that sacred and holy place and then go out. To see the sacred laws and wisdom in all life that surrounds us. We become learners, we are students in the school of Earth Wisdom. It is a profound and lifelong process. We are the ones to bring back profound knowing and seeing into the world of today. It is only through this way that we will find the ways that diminish life, ways to end domination of nature and to find again our place in the circle of life.

The spiritual power of the Earth and the heavens lies dormant in each of us. It is the time now to allow this power to be released; we will need it badly in our healing work with Mother Earth. This spiritual power will guide us in these challenging times now all life on Earth is in danger.

Why is the Earth our Mother?

Wisdom created the Earth, in perfect harmony the Word that creates. The primordial creative power is feminine, the Divine Feminine, in perfect balance with the Divine Masculine. Wisdom, often pictured as Sophia, brings order in the chaos, she is womb, consciousness, knowingness. The Wisdom of God is the sacredness in all that is. Wisdom is the foundation of the whole creation. All that is bears her imprint.

For millennia, traditional peoples all over the world have believed in an Earth Mother who gives life and receives the dead into her rich soil. The old Greeks called her Gaia, the earthly presence of Anima Mundi ( soul of the cosmos, Earth) , ( Ibu Pertiwi, Indonesia). She gives birth to all there is, this great nourishing being, both material and spiritual together. For the ancient Greeks she was the principal Goddess. Yet the experience of her presence gradually disappeared from ( Western) human consciousness. But she is coming back, step by step.

A new Earth consciousness is rising in people!

There is an interior life in everything that exists and therefore we can say that everything that is created has a soul. From mountain to rivers, from a star to a worm. From a tree to monkey and in each human being. For us, humans, it is a great shift in our lives when we begin to grasp this. It is discovering the face of the Mother, Gaia, Sofia, Ibu Pertiwi in all that we see. Then we begin to sense the wisdom, the order, the ways of functioning of the universe, the natural world. Then nature is no longer an “it”, something outside us, but we begin to realize that we are nature, our soul is nature, our bodies are nature. We are made from the same stuff as the first atoms and stars.

We are all of the same family, we are kin; we are One family of Life. Kinship is the basic pattern of relating in the universe. Then great respect, awe and wonder are born in us.

“We need to awaken again to the grandeur of the Earth processes

and to awaken to the Dream of the Earth.

We have to return to the memory of our cells and the Earth wisdom in our genes.  

The desire of the Earth is in our genes.

We can only be sensitized by what is revealed to us. ”

Th.Berry.  Dream of the Earth.


  1. Dream of the Earth. Th. Berry ISBN 0-87156-622-2
  2. Grandmothers Counsel the World  Carol  Schaefer ISBN 978-1-59030-293-4


June 2017


About the Heartbeat

There is a hearth  that beats in the Universe

For ages people have told to those who were willing to hear that the human belongs to the Earth that each creature is a child of the universe. As a child in the womb , each creature lives under the heart of the mother. We can know the heart of the mother beating. As an unborn child we knew it, and we still remember.

It is a great step in our growth when we can deeply connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is a life changing moment and true homecoming. Some can really feel the heart beat of Mother Earth and others can only sense it and they know!

When our heart beats in the same rhythm as the rhythm of the heart of Mother Earth, everything becomes light and easy and we will feel a great harmony and strength. Then we can work in union with Mother Earth for the wellbeing of the whole. When we live inn balance with the heart beat of the Earth, we can help to restore the balance of life on Earth, because we are now in balance.

Voices-of-the-Grandmothers                                           photo: source internet

Playing the Heart Beat  on a drum, we connect with an Ancient Universal Knowing. It is knowing the Rhythm of the Earth and  helping others to know and recognize it. We can connect with the ancient pulse of life.  We can know and feel in our bodies the rhythm of the Earth. It is grounding ourselves in the mystery of the Universe…the dance…flowing from the Beginning. Intimate, tender….The heartbeat can bring us back to the wisdom of the Earth and her rhythms, the seasons, the skies. The first peoples tell us about that.

“The first sound every human being hears is the double heartbeat. In our mother’s watery womb, we experience a sense of security and belonging because we hear our own heartbeats echoed by that of the mother who carries us for nine months. When we are drawn into Earth walks  through the miracle of birth, the second heart beat disappears. Human beings know on a deep level that something is missing and many times go through life looking for the missing heartbeat.

The missing heartbeat is found when we listen to our Earth Mother and enter Tiyoweh ( Stillness) In that place of silence, we can hear the small, still voice within our hearts, and through that experience, we can rediscover our sense of security and belonging.

The Earth Mother’s heartbeat reminds us that we are never alone. Our true Mother, the Earth, is always present to nurture us and give us rest. All she asks is that we stop to listen for the second heartbeat.”

The drum and the heartbeat

Since the beginning of civilization drums were the main universal signals for calling people together in circles. The drums were and are the common pulse of humanity. Drums connect, to all of life and all time and to the heartbeat of our bodies, here and now.

When we listen to the drum or even more so when we drum in relation to Mother Earth’s heartbeat our conciousness moves into inner worlds of vision and learning. We connect with the wisdom that is in all of creation. The drum takes us into the center of our being and when we are together in a circle we all are drawn in a deeper awareness.  and feel her attraction.

Retret Ekologi 2013 Pilihan (10)

                          “When the top of the maple trees start dying, women take up the drums   and that time is now”

                                                               An old prophecy






Jamie Sams: In Earth Medicine

Earth Wisdom

We are born with a memory in our cells: the memory of how nature works, a memory about the wisdom embedded in Creation. Creation stories tell us, that Wisdom created the Universe. The Ancient people call this Knowingness, Original Thought.

Original Thought is insight in the purpose of the Creator in creating and in the structures and patters that uphold Creation and Evolution.

We live our life mostly driven by certain thought-patters and belief- systems. This  is what education and culture tell us. Original thoughts are created from a divine state of Oneness. They are sacred laws and sacred truths. They can break the chain of the beliefsystems which  cause so much devastation in our soul, in the soul of the community of life.

The main beliefsystem is that we are made to think that we are separated: separated from God, separated from each other and separated from nature, Earth, the Universe.

But Original Thought reveals to us that Spirit lives inside  us, that in the uncreated part of our souls is the knowingness of “In the Beginning”.  That we are part of all life, from the Beginning to this moment. Each created being has a place, a very unique place in the circle of life. Love knows no boundaries and forms.

We are called to go deep within and listen in that sacred and holy place and then go out. To see the sacred laws and wisdom in all life that surrounds us.

We become learners, we are students in the school of Earth Wisdom. It is a profound and life long process. We are the ones to bring back profound knowing and seeing into the world of today. It is only through this way that we will find the ways that diminish life, ways to end domination of nature and to find our place in the circle of life. And than to take our right place in the community of life.

The spiritual power of the Earth and the heavens lies dormant in each of us. It is the time now to allow it to be released; we will need it badly in our healing work. This spiritual power will guide us  in these challenging times now all life on Earth is in danger.


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Meditation: Joining the dance of Life

  • Go to a place that calls you…enter that place as the most sacred place on Earth.. Like Moses that climbed up the mountain to stand before God..
  • There is a song in the Universe, a rhythm. The Sound of the Beginning vibrates through everything that has Being.  The rhythm is so slow; we cannot hear it with our ears. We can only attune to  it with our heart and whole being.
  • When we do so we  are connected and nourished by the Power of  Life.  Life force, Prana, Holy Spirit.
  • Let your heart move with it, gently, as you notice all the creatures around  you, as you feel the Earth under you feet, carrying you, as you welcome the sun and hear the awakening Earth around you, as you hear the songs of the wind through the leaves.
  • All around you is the rhythm of the universe, the sound of the Beginning. The birds know all about it, the standing trees and waving grasses and the flowers in their splendid simplicity. They all know it and they join in the song. Let them inform you about it all, they have waited for you coming.
  • It is the music of the spheres, the elders say. Listen to the stars and the moon,  they join the song in their own way.
  • To pay attention to the rhythm of the Universe is being guided to the  Essence: Creation emerging out of the womb of God.
  • To pay attention to the rhythm of the Universe is knowing the goodness and blessing that encompasses all of Creation.
  • We humans have forgotten our place in the circle of life. We have forgotten the old Wisdoms; how to live in harmony with creation.. Today is day of  Homecoming; knowing who we are. We listen again to the rhythm of the dance of Life. It is never too late to join!
  • And as you bring your meditation to a closure, thank for all that you have seen and  experienced. Thank also for what you have not seen yet and would like to know and understand. The Wisdom of Creation, of Universe and Earth will be disclosed  to humble hearts.

Meditation  HEAL, Villasis, 2009

Inspired by: Ph. Newell. Christ of the Celts, Chapter 1.The Memory of the Song  ISBN 978-0-470-18350-2

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