MMS: Learning Community

We would love to invite you to share below in the COMMENT-section your experiences of the last 2 weeks, so that we can learn from that and others in the MMS Learning Community might benefit from your sharing also. We will possibly not be able to hear from everyone what the experienced using the website and starting the process, so it would be a great help if you all can share.

– What did you find most insightful?
– Do you have any questions?
– Were you able to apply any of the wisdom in your daily life?
– etc.

To support the MMS Learning Community we have posted the documents used on the zoomsessions:

Zoom 1, Saturday July 24, 2021
MMS Global Training for Ecological Leadership
Zoom 1, launching the site. 2472021

Zoom 2, Saturday August 7,2021
Video ‘Interbeing’ of Thich Nhat Hahn

In preparation for the next zoom meeting 21-8-2021 

Next Zoom 3, Saturday August 21, 2021

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