My Path, Teachers and Guides

1. My Path
2. My teachers and guides


Now I want to share with you, who were and are my teachers and guides on my journey into the depth of an ecological life commitment and my call as Earth Elder, Earth Wisdom Keeper. You will see how I was guided from within by all these teachers, these sources of wisdom. They have changed my life deeply and I owe them a lot.

I am convinced that you who read this page, also have your story of how you were and are guided. I have experienced such a deep guidance of the Cosmos and I feel that the whole evolutionary process from the beginning was and is guided. If we know the Universe Story and the process of the Evolution we see how at the right moment great changes happened in the process of evolution and the journey of the Cosmos went on. If this is the cosmic pattern then this pattern is also true for our personal life. We are cosmos.

As I share my story of (ecological) spiritual growth with you, you might  in a deeper way  discover  your own story. Yes, the Cosmos and the Earth are our teachers and guides. May we be open to what is given to us.


My first teachers:  My grandparents and parents
Both my grandparents and parents were farmers. They never heard about ecological processes and an eco – friendly lifestyle. They had to survive on poor soil and work hard for a living. The early generations of farmers were very connected with the seasons, the land, the community of life. They knew intuitively how everything is connected. I owe them so much and I am very grateful for the simple life close to nature. I have learned that humans depend on what the Earth can give. It was also from living together in a village with other farmer families, that we were embedded in a network of relationships. This meant safety, a deep sense of community.

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