Spiritual Guide For Our Time

1. Spiritual Leadership in Our Time: The Process
2. Ecological Transformation and Spiritual Maturing
3. Where are you now?
4. The Process of Becoming an Earth Elder
5. Leadership in Covid time
6. The Integral Ecologist as Spiritual Guide
7. We Need People with a Strong Soul Life



Now it is time to discover the path of transformation to asssume leadership in the challenges of today. It is a choice everybody can and needs to make.

It starts with stepping out of the darkness of our time into the light of the future.  Can you see it?  We need to see and believe in the greatness of every human being. Now we have to make the most radical choices humans ever had to make . We are called to co-create the future.

 “We cannot solve the problems of our present world with the same consciousnes                                               that created these problems. ” Albert Einstein

It is a journey of discovery and  transformation to become this leader. There are three steps:

1.  We need a basic understanding of an ecological worldview and commitment.
2. We have to learn to act and speak for the whole community of life.
3.  Earth Eldership / Leadership. Now you guide others.

We have to go through a process of learning, growing awareness, change and conversion. We  cannot guide others in this  transformation  if we have not experienced this ourselves. True humility is needed and not a great guru. We must be embedded in the safety and supportive power of a learning community. We  learn together. We will discover our personal call and gift for the benefit of the whole Earth Community.

And so we walk as an Earth Worker, doing what we can for the healing of the Earth and a sustainable future. We become the Earth Healer, being healed ourselves by the Earth and healing others  in turn. Growing in wisdom  a great vision will come to us.

For further deepening of this process go to Module 3, nr. 6. and  find the PDF  Assuming Spiritual Leadership in Our Time. A further description of the learning process.



May be in the past you followed a program in spiritual ecology. A retreat, workshop on Laudato Si, or another program on Spiritual Ecology.  It might have brought a great change in your life,  especially when the processs included the New Story of the Universe.  A new worldview can be confronting and can put core beliefs in life upside down.

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Elly Verrijt


Most probably changes in the way you look at everything were so convincing and enlightening and you deepened a lifestyle of mindfulness; the heart of an ecological life. You might have found your own way to commit yourself to the healing of the Earth. Might be you are looking for new resources to nurture your growing intimacy with the Earth. Or you look for ways to share your insights and learnings and look for connection with like minded persons.

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   By Elly Verrijt

by Elly Verrijt

More than thirty years ago, I was part of a conference on World Peace. There were two parts in the conference: the first days in which the focus was on the political aspects of world peace, international dialogue, negotiating skills and other ways of peace building. And the second part was a gathering of World Elders. Much attention was given to the spiritual journey of becoming a World Elder. There they were; men and women, mostly in their wisdom years, sitting in a circle. Their presence was impressing as they were not saying much, but spoke their truth clearly and with a deep love for our planet and humanity.

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p1050184The urgent need for our time is a new type of leadership and spiritual guidance/leadership. I still remember very well, that now more than 20 years ago, I was very much struck by what Miriam Mc Gilles in Genesis Farm (USA) called ”the need for new ways to inhabit the Earth”. At that time I had not yet given much thought to that, since I was convinced that I, we, humanity know how to live on Earth. Now so many years later, after moments of awakening and all kinds of experiences in different parts of our world, I see that the most pressing question is: how can we live lightly on the Earth and  share her wealth with all in the community of life, now and in the future? Which ways of organizing our life as nations, peoples, communities can serve this purpose? And what kind of leadership do we need towards that transition.
Image: picture HEAL, The Philippines

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A Reflection by Thomas Berry

“Throughout this modern period, the traditional spiritual leaders –scholars, religious teachers, and social reformers – have been unable to provide sufficient guidance. They failed to recognize that the basic issue is not simply divine-human or inter-human relations but human-Earth relations, and beyond that, relations with the comprehensive community of the entire universe, the ultimate sacred community. The failure has led to the plundering of the planet by good persons, even deeply religious persons, for the supposed temporal and spiritual benefit of the human. The plundering of the planet to serve human purposes is what needs to change. The industrial movement, with it’s ideal of subjection of the planet, must now give way to the ecological movement. Only such an ideal will sustain the integral functioning of both the human and the non-human components of the planet in a single integral community.

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The present ecological crisis and our soul
In the past years I have met so many people in so many places of the world around the fate of the Earth and the present ecological crisis. I have seen the deep effects of growing awareness of the state of te planet on the inner life of people. A dying planet and the violence done to the life systems touches us at soul level. Now we know what is happening. Where ever life is diminished, soul life withers. Think of the loss of values and loss of connection with the land and life systems. The loss of perpectives because of the lack of a safe future for our and coming generations.

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