Meditation: The Earth as my solid foundation


A meditation by Thich Nhat Than, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and a peace activist.  The meditation is taken from his book “Call Me By My True Names: page  197-199. As I do not have  access to the original text I have made a free translation of the book in Dutch.

Part 1

  • Here are the roots of a tree. Here is an empty and quiet space. Here is small pillow to sit on. Here is the cool, green grass. Why don’t you sit down here my child?
  • Sit upright.  Sit with confidence. Sit in peace.  Let not your thoughts lift you up into the air. Sit in such a way that you can touch the Earth and be one with her. Might be you smile my child. The Earth will give you her firmness, her peace and her joy.
  • By your conscious breathing, your peaceful smile you support the Mudra of grounding.
  • There were times that you could not do this so easily. Your sitting on the Earth was like drifting in the air, you who are used to wander in the cycle of life and death, tossed away and absorbed in the ocean of wrong perceptions.
  • But  the Earth is always patient and all heart. She still is waiting for you, because she waited already for the last trillion of years. She will always welcome you, always green and fresh like that first time because love never says: “this is the last time”. Because the Earth is a living mother.  She will wait for you and never give up.
  • Return to her, my child. you will be like that tree. The leaves , the branches and the flowers of your soul will be fresh and green once you enter the Mudra of grounding!

I vow solemly that from now on I will see the Earth as my solid foundation, each time when I meditate and sit on the Earth or walk the Earth.

 I will touch the Earth and stay with her.  I will entrust myself to her..

To be continued…

Earth Rights: Reflection by Vandana Shiva

We need a new paradigm for living on the Earth. An alternative to the present paradigma is now a survival imperative for the human species. And the alternative that is needed is not only at the levels of tools or technologies: it is at the level of worldview.

How we look at ourselves in this world? What are humans for? Are we merely a money-making and resource guzzling machine? Or do we have a higher purpose? The world order built on economic fundamentalism of limitless growth and on the technological fundamentalism that maintained that there is a technological fix for every social and environmental ill is clearly disintegrating.

The collapse of the economic system in 2008 and the continuing financial crisis signal the end of the paradigm that put fictitious finance above real wealth created by Nature and humans, profits above people, and corporations above citizens.  This paradigm can only be kept afloat with limitless bailouts directing public wealth to private rescues instead of using it to rejuvenate Nature and economic livelihoods. It can only be kept afloat with increasing violence to the Earth and to the people. It can only  be kept alive as an economic dictatorship.

That is clear in India’s heartland ,where the limitless appetite for steel and aluminium for the global consumer society is now clashing head-on with the rights of tribal people to their lands and homes, their forests and rivers, their cultures and way of life.

Tribal people are saying a loud and clear “no” to their forced uprooting. The only way to get to the minerals and coal that feed the “limitless growth” model in the face of democratic resistance is the use of militarised violence…. More than 40,000 paramilitary forces have been placed in tribal areas that are rich in minerals and where tribal unrest is growing, demonstrating that the current economic paradigm can only unfold through militarisation and the undermining of democratic and human rights.

The technological fundamentalism that has externalised costs, both ecological and social, and blinded us to ecological destruction has also reached a dead end. Climate chaos- the eternality of technologies based on the use of fossil fuels- is a wake up call: a warning that we cannot continue on the fossil-fuel path. The high cost of industrial farming is running up against limits, in terms of both the ecological destruction of the natural capital of soil, water, biodiversity and air, and the creation of malnutrition, with a billion of people denied food and another two billion denied health because of rampant diabetes and other food-related diseases.

We are all menbers of the Earth family and our first and highest duty is to take care of Mother Earth: Prithvi, Gaia, Pachamama- however you name her. And the better we can care for her, the more food and water, health and wealth we have.

“Earth Rights”are first and foremost the rights of Mother Earth. Earth rights are also the rights of humans: the right to food and water, health and a safe environment and the right to rivers, seeds, biodiversity and an unpolluted atmosphere.

I have given the name Earth Democray to this new paradigm of living as an Earth Community, respecting the rights of Mother Earth. Earth Democracy enables us to create living democracies, which enable democratic participation in all matters of life and death: the food we eat or do not have access to; the water we drink or are denied through privatisation or pollution; the air we breathe or are poisoned by. Living democracies are based on the intrinsic worth of all species, all peoples, all cultures.

Earth democracies protects the ecological processes that maintain life and the fundamental human rights that are the basis of the right to life, including the right to water, the right to food, the right to health, the right to education and the right to jobs and livelihoods.

Nonviolence implies that our systems of production, trade and consumption do not use up the ecological space of other species and other people. Violence is the result when our dominant economic structures and economic organisation usurp and ring-fence that space.

According to an ancient Indian text, the Isha Upanishad, “the universe is the creation of the Supreme Power meant for the benefit of all creation. Each individual life form must, therefore, learn to enjoy its benefits in close relation with other species.Let not any one species encroach upon others “rights”.  Whenever we engage in consumption or production patterns that take mpore than we need, we are engaging in violence. Non-sustainable cunsumption and non-sustainable production constitue a violent economic order. Earth Rights are the basis for equity, justice and sustainability.

Vandana Shiva, India

In Resurgence, no 263, page 32.

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Earth Wisdom

We are born with a memory in our cells: the memory of how nature works, a memory about the wisdom embedded in Creation. Creation stories tell us, that Wisdom created the Universe. The Ancient people call this Knowingness, Original Thought.

Original Thought is insight in the purpose of the Creator in creating and in the structures and patters that uphold Creation and Evolution.

We live our life mostly driven by certain thought-patters and belief- systems. This  is what education and culture tell us. Original thoughts are created from a divine state of Oneness. They are sacred laws and sacred truths. They can break the chain of the beliefsystems which  cause so much devastation in our soul, in the soul of the community of life.

The main beliefsystem is that we are made to think that we are separated: separated from God, separated from each other and separated from nature, Earth, the Universe.

But Original Thought reveals to us that Spirit lives inside  us, that in the uncreated part of our souls is the knowingness of “In the Beginning”.  That we are part of all life, from the Beginning to this moment. Each created being has a place, a very unique place in the circle of life. Love knows no boundaries and forms.

We are called to go deep within and listen in that sacred and holy place and then go out. To see the sacred laws and wisdom in all life that surrounds us.

We become learners, we are students in the school of Earth Wisdom. It is a profound and life long process. We are the ones to bring back profound knowing and seeing into the world of today. It is only through this way that we will find the ways that diminish life, ways to end domination of nature and to find our place in the circle of life. And than to take our right place in the community of life.

The spiritual power of the Earth and the heavens lies dormant in each of us. It is the time now to allow it to be released; we will need it badly in our healing work. This spiritual power will guide us  in these challenging times now all life on Earth is in danger.


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Meditation: Joining the dance of Life

  • Go to a place that calls you…enter that place as the most sacred place on Earth.. Like Moses that climbed up the mountain to stand before God..
  • There is a song in the Universe, a rhythm. The Sound of the Beginning vibrates through everything that has Being.  The rhythm is so slow; we cannot hear it with our ears. We can only attune to  it with our heart and whole being.
  • When we do so we  are connected and nourished by the Power of  Life.  Life force, Prana, Holy Spirit.
  • Let your heart move with it, gently, as you notice all the creatures around  you, as you feel the Earth under you feet, carrying you, as you welcome the sun and hear the awakening Earth around you, as you hear the songs of the wind through the leaves.
  • All around you is the rhythm of the universe, the sound of the Beginning. The birds know all about it, the standing trees and waving grasses and the flowers in their splendid simplicity. They all know it and they join in the song. Let them inform you about it all, they have waited for you coming.
  • It is the music of the spheres, the elders say. Listen to the stars and the moon,  they join the song in their own way.
  • To pay attention to the rhythm of the Universe is being guided to the  Essence: Creation emerging out of the womb of God.
  • To pay attention to the rhythm of the Universe is knowing the goodness and blessing that encompasses all of Creation.
  • We humans have forgotten our place in the circle of life. We have forgotten the old Wisdoms; how to live in harmony with creation.. Today is day of  Homecoming; knowing who we are. We listen again to the rhythm of the dance of Life. It is never too late to join!
  • And as you bring your meditation to a closure, thank for all that you have seen and  experienced. Thank also for what you have not seen yet and would like to know and understand. The Wisdom of Creation, of Universe and Earth will be disclosed  to humble hearts.

Meditation  HEAL, Villasis, 2009

Inspired by: Ph. Newell. Christ of the Celts, Chapter 1.The Memory of the Song  ISBN 978-0-470-18350-2

Wisdom of the Earth for the Journey

It is a great challenge to open ourselves for the wisdom of all the life around us…for the language of the flowers, the whisperings of the wind, the blincking of the stars, the radiance of a bird’s eye, the glow of a sunset and the unexpected encounters with other beings of the Earth family on our paths. They speak to  us, each in their own way, of the original meaning of our Creator in the whole of Life.

Let us look at the Earth, long and deep. She gives us guidance about how we are supposed to inhabit our Earth in these crucial times. How are they doing: the plants, the water, the soil, the rivers, the crops on the fields and the fruits on the trees?  If they are doing well, there is well being also for the  animals and the humans.

Are we not too conditioned by all that we have unlearned and forgotten, all that we have taken in from our education and the socialization in our present world?  Deep in us there is a knowing, from long ago: there is wisdom so alive as the fresh water from a long forgotten well.

To be a learner in the school of Mother Earth is a long and beautiful process.  We only have to let go of our arrogance , that we know how to inhabit the Earth. How to live and walk with and on our Mother. Once we truly open ourselves to the web of Life, we discover new ways of living and being.  This is what the process of Ecological Conversion is about. No longer ashamed to acknowledge our insensibility and lack of respect, our lack of connectedness with the Whole.  We will be welcomed home and embraced by the whole Earth family.

And the Earth herself will speak to us about her desire and dreams:

Earth desire:

To be seen in her loveliness

to be tasted in her delicious fruits

To be listened to in her teaching

to be endured in the severity of her disciplines

to be overwhelmed by the wonder of it all.

Thomas Berry

We will  discover that behind the world of our everyday occupations and perceptions lies another world. The world of unity and connection with all and everything that is now, will be and always has been.

Is not the most stubborn conviction, imprinted i nthe memory of our cells, that we are separated from the rest of the Web of Life, separated from the Source from which we came, God? Is not the first lesson in the School of Mother Earth that we are of one kin, one family?

The shamans and seers tell us that our whole life is a journey back  to claim the fullness of knowing with which we came to Earth!

Then we know again what each child radiates to the world: all is perfect and good. All is part of the implicate order of Creation. In that knowing we will find our deepest identity and destination. It is an Earth journey.

What can we let go of, to be open enough for the Sacred Laws and truths for the web of Life? To trust what we know about the Original Blessing in Creation.

We will be healed from the illusion that we do not belong here and that our home is heaven. At the same time the Earth calls us with her deep desires. Who else than we can fulfill her in our ways of perceiving the Oneness in all?

International attention and action to save the rainforests

As we all know the rainforests all over the world are in great danger. Already for a long time I always participate in actions to bring to the open what happens with the forests and the people who are living in conection with the rainforests.

On the site you can respond to those actions. On this website you find lots of stories and other informations that are a help to do something. It is just a matter of responding. In the past years a lot has been achieved already. Thank you for the attention given to it.

To know the mystery of Creation in the depth of our soul

To know the mystery of Creation in the depth of the our soul.

I am regularly reading the writings of the mediaval mystic Meister Eckhart. I am very surprised by what he is writing and I like to share it with you.

“Travelling on the spiritual path” he says, ” asks for a letting go of all the images and experiences you have of God”. First of all he teaches about the soul. The soul is what a human really is. The soul is a mystery that is as great a mystery as God.

To create heaven and Earth was easy for God, but God really worked hard  to create the human soul.  Eckhart cannot really find words to express what the soul is.  There is something in the soul that is totally hidden from reason and will. God dwells in that place, one with the human in the ground of the soul.

The soul is – the -human-being – of – the- Beginning : the being he was before he existed. The soul is the Word of God who creates as S(he) speaks.

Every human knows in the ground of his being how creation came into existence, how creation meant and knows the dream of God for creation. In that deep place in our soul we find ourselves and the original oneness of all that is.  We never will be seperated from this original oneness. Who really descends in the ground of the soul, can comprehend the mystery of creation. When we enter deeply into ourselves we will find the wisdom of Creation.

Meister Eckhart speaks long before we lost our deep connection with the wisdom of creation.  Returning to this insight is a reason of great hope for us in this time.  The answers, the ways of living through the ecological questions of our time, are deeply embedded in the ground of our soul.

As I reflect on these words, a great joy and confidence comes over me. The not – created part of the soul ( which will stay after our body is no longer) can comprehend the Wisdom of the Beginning in all the life that surrounds us. It makes it very clear that we humans are destined to and born be the care -takers of Creation.

Our Mother

When the people call Earth “Mother”, they take with love and with love give back, so that all may live.

When the people call Earth “it” they use her, consume her strength.  Then people die.

Already the sun is hot, out of season. Our Mother’s breast is going dry. She is taking all green into her heart and will not turn back until we call her by name.

Marilou Awiakta ( 1936, Cherikoo tribe, USA)


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