Wisdom of the Earth for the Journey

It is a great challenge to open ourselves for the wisdom of all the life around us…for the language of the flowers, the whisperings of the wind, the blincking of the stars, the radiance of a bird’s eye, the glow of a sunset and the unexpected encounters with other beings of the Earth family on our paths. They speak to  us, each in their own way, of the original meaning of our Creator in the whole of Life.

Let us look at the Earth, long and deep. She gives us guidance about how we are supposed to inhabit our Earth in these crucial times. How are they doing: the plants, the water, the soil, the rivers, the crops on the fields and the fruits on the trees?  If they are doing well, there is well being also for the  animals and the humans.

Are we not too conditioned by all that we have unlearned and forgotten, all that we have taken in from our education and the socialization in our present world?  Deep in us there is a knowing, from long ago: there is wisdom so alive as the fresh water from a long forgotten well.

To be a learner in the school of Mother Earth is a long and beautiful process.  We only have to let go of our arrogance , that we know how to inhabit the Earth. How to live and walk with and on our Mother. Once we truly open ourselves to the web of Life, we discover new ways of living and being.  This is what the process of Ecological Conversion is about. No longer ashamed to acknowledge our insensibility and lack of respect, our lack of connectedness with the Whole.  We will be welcomed home and embraced by the whole Earth family.

And the Earth herself will speak to us about her desire and dreams:

Earth desire:

To be seen in her loveliness

to be tasted in her delicious fruits

To be listened to in her teaching

to be endured in the severity of her disciplines

to be overwhelmed by the wonder of it all.

Thomas Berry

We will  discover that behind the world of our everyday occupations and perceptions lies another world. The world of unity and connection with all and everything that is now, will be and always has been.

Is not the most stubborn conviction, imprinted i nthe memory of our cells, that we are separated from the rest of the Web of Life, separated from the Source from which we came, God? Is not the first lesson in the School of Mother Earth that we are of one kin, one family?

The shamans and seers tell us that our whole life is a journey back  to claim the fullness of knowing with which we came to Earth!

Then we know again what each child radiates to the world: all is perfect and good. All is part of the implicate order of Creation. In that knowing we will find our deepest identity and destination. It is an Earth journey.

What can we let go of, to be open enough for the Sacred Laws and truths for the web of Life? To trust what we know about the Original Blessing in Creation.

We will be healed from the illusion that we do not belong here and that our home is heaven. At the same time the Earth calls us with her deep desires. Who else than we can fulfill her in our ways of perceiving the Oneness in all?

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