About the Drum and the Heart Beat

Playing the heart beat is the core of the process of reconnecting with the Earth. We connect with an ancient universal knowing. When we connect with the rhythm of the Earth and her life, magical things can happen.

We feel it in our bodies and if we tune in to rhythm of the Earth, the ancient pulse of life, we help to restore the balance in ourselves and in the Earth. When we are still and listen and hear our own heart beat, we can hear the heart of the Mother beating in the whole.

We take another step in our growth in an intimate relationship with the Earth, when we begin to feel the resonance between our own heart beat and the heart beat of the Earth. It can be a deep moment of homecoming. Some can really feel the heart beat and others sense it. It you feel this resonance it might result in a sparkling synchronicity when everything begins to flow..

The heart beat is not just imagination, but grounded in scientific evidence. The energy of our Earth Mother is measured as electrical units per second, which are called Hertz. In the book of Marcello Barros on Ecospirituality he quotes Leonardo Boff, a Brazilian theologian. ( I have no information about the English translation of the book).

“The German physicist W.O. Schumann discovered in 1952 that the Earth is surrounded by a strong electro magnetic field. It is formed between the surface of Earth and till the beginning of the ionosphere, about 100 meters above us. This field has a resonance ( called the Schumann resonance ) which has more or less a constant level of 7.83 hertz. Experiments have shown that outside this biological frequency humans cannot be healthy.

For thousands of years with this pulsating frequency a reasonable ecological balance developed. In the eighties and even more in the nineties of last century this frequency increased from 7.93 to 11 and to 13. The heart beat of the Earth became faster. And that while more and more ecological extreme situations began to emerge.

If we want that the Earth finds her rhythm back, we have to start this process in ourselves. We know that the Earth and we are one body. We need to do everything with less stress, more calm  and most of all with more love, because love is the harmonizing energy. We need to breathe together with the Earth and move with the pace of her heart beat, in order to restore the ecological balance. The rise of the frequency of the Earth helps us to grow and transform. The electro magnetic systems of the human body are responding to the shift in the Earth Mother’s electro magnetic system. The shift in the collective awareness of humankind will go faster too. We can understand in a deeper way the lessons of the path of initiation” ( Leonardo Boff)

The call of the Drum

Since the beginning of Civilization, drums were one of the main universal signals for calling people together for noble intentions. There were / are humanity’s common pulse. Drums do not know about race, domination, differences, hatred, jealousy, greed, language, human diversity. They know the magic of inclusivity and the full joy of one common heart beating. The drum connects: to all life of all time, to the heart beat in my body here and now. Our world needs drum circles, where people play the drum together, reducing stress and building harmony.

Every drum is unique and has her own voice. A drum is always female, because it is a symbol of the womb. A drum is alive and you need to build a relationship with the drum. If you are given a drum of you buy one, in a sacred session the drumkeeper in yourself has to be awakened. It is a great responsibility to be a drumkeeper.

Playing the drum while attuning to the heart beat of the Mother moves one’s consciousness to the inner worlds of visions and dreams. If you want to go into deep meditation and prayer, then play the heart beat in a very concentrated way for about twenty minutes. You might have entered the realms of your soul. A drum takes you to the center of the Earth. Here your body, spirit, mind, emotions become one with what is greater than yourself. Into the original Oneness you have travelled!

The heart beat is manifested through playing a special rhythm on the drum. It is the healing and reconnection with the four realms of human existence: mental self, spiritual self, emotional self and physical self.

There are 2 foundational rhythms:

  1. four steady beats followed by two quick beats.
  2. two rhythmic beats: one /two

In YouTube you can find your drum classes! Or look for music where the heart beat is drummed and play along. That is also a good way to learn to play the drum. E.g.  Music of Sacred Earth Drums.  David and Steve Gordon https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sacred-earth-drums/id5631066 Available in I tunes

I thank my Mother Earth Spirituality teacher Swan Medicine Woman for introducing me to the drum and for awakening the drumkeeper in me.

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Article from Leonardo Boff in Hemel en Aarde huwen, Marcelo Barros, page 41

inspired by Jamie Sams

Elly Verrijt, August 2017.

Mother Earth Spirituality

Mother Earth Spirituality

Mother Earth Spirituality: the ancient insights about our connectedness with the cosmos and the whole community of life. Humans of all ages have expressed their embeddedness in nature in rituals, ceremonies, songs and stories.

Mother Earth Spirituality has the same features all over the world, though symbols might differ. The deeper meaning of which they speak is universal.

Mother Earth Spirituality speaks of the Soul of the human at all times. When we connect with our soul, we will discover what is known from the Beginning of times. All the great religious traditions speak of this mystery. It is where the mystics are at home.

To know our place in the sacred universe is a soul journey, a process of initiation into the mystery of creation. It is not a scientific knowing, but an intuitive knowing. Our soul knows the deepest intentions of the universe, of God’s  plan for creation.

Only from this depth of knowing we comprehend the meaning of our present time and the depth of the transition of our Earth at this moment.

To reconnect with the Universe and Earth is soul work and an initiation in deeper levels of consciousness. It is the works of shamans, spiritual guides and healers. It is a mystical path.

We modern humans have a long way to go in the process of healing our Earth connection. We have never felt that deep connection with the Earth, therefore we do not know what a felt connection with our soul is. With the extinction of the Neanderthal human that instinctive way of knowing was more and more replaced by the mental-spiritual development of the human. So we have to reclaim the gift of our ancestors.


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August 2017

Elly Verrijt



Healing the Divine Feminine

The ancient tradition of the Moonlodge

Women do not go on vision quests. That is for men. Women suffer and labor enough by going through the cycles of menstruation, birth etc.

Women need to be nurtured and helped to be receptive to the Divine Feminine as to help heal the world/Earth.

In indigenous traditions women are given a minimum of three days of silence a month. With menstruation time of if not applicable at new moon or full moon.

During this time the women visualizes opening her womb to receive the fertilization of Great Mystery’s love; this love gives force to her dreams. She opens herself to conceive of her dreams and visions and the dreams and visions for humanity, the web of life, the Earth.

Absolute silence: no reading, no music with words, no input. She listens to the silence in the silence.

Sing, drum, dance , return thanks, poetry-creating, only self – expression, thanksgiving/receiving. Light food and water.

The woman will get up at night and pray and connect with the Eternal Flame of Love. Sit on the earth, feed the fire and wait for the vision to come.

Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clan mothers

August 2017, Elly Verrijt


Walking the Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a process of transformation. It is an example how the Native American people used the symbolism and the energies of the Earth as a way to see where they were on their way in life. Knowing the Medicine Wheel and living with the Medicine Wheel is learning to live a full life, a life in beauty. The end of the journey is seeing how all things have been part of a Divine Cycle, a circle that has taken you through a journey of transformation. In the course of your life, you have to walk the wheel again and again. And each time you approach the beginning of the wheel in grace. The Medicine Wheel is sometimes called the Sacred Hoop. ( Circle)

As you look at the process of your life you might see the circles you have passed through already. So you learn to value each sacred step you have taken. The Medicine Wheel shows us the lessons we have learned and by sharing them others will learn too.

Physical life begins at birth., which is the South Direction on the Circle. We will travel through the circle that South to North path until we reach the place of the Elder, in the North. The East is the home  of the Golden Door, the entry point to all other levels of awareness and consciousness. Spirits of the Ancestors who have finished their Earth Walks, leave the Wheel at the North and follow the Hoop to the East. Once again we come through the Golden Door in the East as spirits are born again into physical bodies in the South. Always remember that when you walk the wheel you are in company of all those generations before you. They walked the wheel and became wise people. They carry the wisdom of Mother Divine Those who pass it on carry the wisdom of Mother Earth.

The fire that burns in our belly, burns also in the center of the Medicine Wheel. It is the same light and all originate from the fire of the Beginning.

The powers ( talents and lessons) of the Four Directions can show us the way. Traditional native American teachers always teach the children of their Tribe to feel the Wind, so that they can know what to do if they are lost or afraid.

  • If the Wind came from the West, they should sit still and look inside their hearts for courage or an answer.
  • If the Wind came from the South, they would stop thinking that they have all the answers and learn humility and perhaps listen to another child that knows the way home.
  • If the Wind came from the North, the children would know that the Elders, in their wisdom, knew where to look for them.
  • When Wind came from the East, they were to use their good sense or logical ideas that would bring an answer to their quest.

In understanding the lessons of the sacred Wheel we learn to touch life in a deeper and more gentle way. To live the Medicine Wheel, we are asked to see the gifts of growth each direction offers. When we as Children of the Earth lose our sense of where we are and how we fit into the medicine Wheel, we lose sight of the unified circle and how to live in a sacred manner.

East                                  South                                West                               North

Illumination                Inner child as teacher          To look within                Place of Elders, wisdom

New beginnings          Innocence, healing               Introspection, silence   Insight, prayer

Eagle                             Tenderness of a deer           Bear,                              Buffalo

Morning                        Noon                                      Evening                         Night

Spring                            Summer                                Autumn                         Winter

First quarter                 Full Moon                              Third quarter                 New Moon

Light, Fire                      Soil, Body                               Water                             Air

Mind                              Bodily Self                             Emotional Self               Spiritual Self

Male Energy                  Child Energy                         Female Energy               Male Energy

YELLOW                         RED                                        BLACK                             WHITE OR BLUE

Child                               Adult                                     Senior                              Ancestor

Medicine Wheel,  free picture ancients origin net



Sacred path Cards,  Jamie Sams ISBN0-06250762-1




Wisdom of the Earth for the Journey

It is a great challenge to open ourselves for the wisdom of all the life around us…for the language of the flowers, the whisperings of the wind, the blincking of the stars, the radiance of a bird’s eye, the glow of a sunset and the unexpected encounters with other beings of the Earth family on our paths. They speak to  us, each in their own way, of the original meaning of our Creator in the whole of Life.

Let us look at the Earth, long and deep. She gives us guidance about how we are supposed to inhabit our Earth in these crucial times. How are they doing: the plants, the water, the soil, the rivers, the crops on the fields and the fruits on the trees?  If they are doing well, there is well being also for the  animals and the humans.

Are we not too conditioned by all that we have unlearned and forgotten, all that we have taken in from our education and the socialization in our present world?  Deep in us there is a knowing, from long ago: there is wisdom so alive as the fresh water from a long forgotten well.

To be a learner in the school of Mother Earth is a long and beautiful process.  We only have to let go of our arrogance , that we know how to inhabit the Earth. How to live and walk with and on our Mother. Once we truly open ourselves to the web of Life, we discover new ways of living and being.  This is what the process of Ecological Conversion is about. No longer ashamed to acknowledge our insensibility and lack of respect, our lack of connectedness with the Whole.  We will be welcomed home and embraced by the whole Earth family.

And the Earth herself will speak to us about her desire and dreams:

Earth desire:

To be seen in her loveliness

to be tasted in her delicious fruits

To be listened to in her teaching

to be endured in the severity of her disciplines

to be overwhelmed by the wonder of it all.

Thomas Berry

We will  discover that behind the world of our everyday occupations and perceptions lies another world. The world of unity and connection with all and everything that is now, will be and always has been.

Is not the most stubborn conviction, imprinted i nthe memory of our cells, that we are separated from the rest of the Web of Life, separated from the Source from which we came, God? Is not the first lesson in the School of Mother Earth that we are of one kin, one family?

The shamans and seers tell us that our whole life is a journey back  to claim the fullness of knowing with which we came to Earth!

Then we know again what each child radiates to the world: all is perfect and good. All is part of the implicate order of Creation. In that knowing we will find our deepest identity and destination. It is an Earth journey.

What can we let go of, to be open enough for the Sacred Laws and truths for the web of Life? To trust what we know about the Original Blessing in Creation.

We will be healed from the illusion that we do not belong here and that our home is heaven. At the same time the Earth calls us with her deep desires. Who else than we can fulfill her in our ways of perceiving the Oneness in all?

Our Mother

When the people call Earth “Mother”, they take with love and with love give back, so that all may live.

When the people call Earth “it” they use her, consume her strength.  Then people die.

Already the sun is hot, out of season. Our Mother’s breast is going dry. She is taking all green into her heart and will not turn back until we call her by name.

Marilou Awiakta ( 1936, Cherikoo tribe, USA)


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