About the Drum and the Heart Beat

Playing the heart beat is the core of the process of reconnecting with the Earth. We connect with an ancient universal knowing. When we connect with the rhythm of the Earth and her life, magical things can happen.

We feel it in our bodies and if we tune in to rhythm of the Earth, the ancient pulse of life, we help to restore the balance in ourselves and in the Earth. When we are still and listen and hear our own heart beat, we can hear the heart of the Mother beating in the whole.

We take another step in our growth in an intimate relationship with the Earth, when we begin to feel the resonance between our own heart beat and the heart beat of the Earth. It can be a deep moment of homecoming. Some can really feel the heart beat and others sense it. It you feel this resonance it might result in a sparkling synchronicity when everything begins to flow..

The heart beat is not just imagination, but grounded in scientific evidence. The energy of our Earth Mother is measured as electrical units per second, which are called Hertz. In the book of Marcello Barros on Ecospirituality he quotes Leonardo Boff, a Brazilian theologian. ( I have no information about the English translation of the book).

“The German physicist W.O. Schumann discovered in 1952 that the Earth is surrounded by a strong electro magnetic field. It is formed between the surface of Earth and till the beginning of the ionosphere, about 100 meters above us. This field has a resonance ( called the Schumann resonance ) which has more or less a constant level of 7.83 hertz. Experiments have shown that outside this biological frequency humans cannot be healthy.

For thousands of years with this pulsating frequency a reasonable ecological balance developed. In the eighties and even more in the nineties of last century this frequency increased from 7.93 to 11 and to 13. The heart beat of the Earth became faster. And that while more and more ecological extreme situations began to emerge.

If we want that the Earth finds her rhythm back, we have to start this process in ourselves. We know that the Earth and we are one body. We need to do everything with less stress, more calm  and most of all with more love, because love is the harmonizing energy. We need to breathe together with the Earth and move with the pace of her heart beat, in order to restore the ecological balance. The rise of the frequency of the Earth helps us to grow and transform. The electro magnetic systems of the human body are responding to the shift in the Earth Mother’s electro magnetic system. The shift in the collective awareness of humankind will go faster too. We can understand in a deeper way the lessons of the path of initiation” ( Leonardo Boff)

The call of the Drum

Since the beginning of Civilization, drums were one of the main universal signals for calling people together for noble intentions. There were / are humanity’s common pulse. Drums do not know about race, domination, differences, hatred, jealousy, greed, language, human diversity. They know the magic of inclusivity and the full joy of one common heart beating. The drum connects: to all life of all time, to the heart beat in my body here and now. Our world needs drum circles, where people play the drum together, reducing stress and building harmony.

Every drum is unique and has her own voice. A drum is always female, because it is a symbol of the womb. A drum is alive and you need to build a relationship with the drum. If you are given a drum of you buy one, in a sacred session the drumkeeper in yourself has to be awakened. It is a great responsibility to be a drumkeeper.

Playing the drum while attuning to the heart beat of the Mother moves one’s consciousness to the inner worlds of visions and dreams. If you want to go into deep meditation and prayer, then play the heart beat in a very concentrated way for about twenty minutes. You might have entered the realms of your soul. A drum takes you to the center of the Earth. Here your body, spirit, mind, emotions become one with what is greater than yourself. Into the original Oneness you have travelled!

The heart beat is manifested through playing a special rhythm on the drum. It is the healing and reconnection with the four realms of human existence: mental self, spiritual self, emotional self and physical self.

There are 2 foundational rhythms:

  1. four steady beats followed by two quick beats.
  2. two rhythmic beats: one /two

In YouTube you can find your drum classes! Or look for music where the heart beat is drummed and play along. That is also a good way to learn to play the drum. E.g.  Music of Sacred Earth Drums.  David and Steve Gordon https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sacred-earth-drums/id5631066 Available in I tunes

I thank my Mother Earth Spirituality teacher Swan Medicine Woman for introducing me to the drum and for awakening the drumkeeper in me.

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Article from Leonardo Boff in Hemel en Aarde huwen, Marcelo Barros, page 41

inspired by Jamie Sams

Elly Verrijt, August 2017.

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