Mother Earth Spirituality

Mother Earth Spirituality

Mother Earth Spirituality: the ancient insights about our connectedness with the cosmos and the whole community of life. Humans of all ages have expressed their embeddedness in nature in rituals, ceremonies, songs and stories.

Mother Earth Spirituality has the same features all over the world, though symbols might differ. The deeper meaning of which they speak is universal.

Mother Earth Spirituality speaks of the Soul of the human at all times. When we connect with our soul, we will discover what is known from the Beginning of times. All the great religious traditions speak of this mystery. It is where the mystics are at home.

To know our place in the sacred universe is a soul journey, a process of initiation into the mystery of creation. It is not a scientific knowing, but an intuitive knowing. Our soul knows the deepest intentions of the universe, of God’s ┬áplan for creation.

Only from this depth of knowing we comprehend the meaning of our present time and the depth of the transition of our Earth at this moment.

To reconnect with the Universe and Earth is soul work and an initiation in deeper levels of consciousness. It is the works of shamans, spiritual guides and healers. It is a mystical path.

We modern humans have a long way to go in the process of healing our Earth connection. We have never felt that deep connection with the Earth, therefore we do not know what a felt connection with our soul is. With the extinction of the Neanderthal human that instinctive way of knowing was more and more replaced by the mental-spiritual development of the human. So we have to reclaim the gift of our ancestors.


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August 2017

Elly Verrijt



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