Healing the Divine Feminine

The ancient tradition of the Moonlodge

Women do not go on vision quests. That is for men. Women suffer and labor enough by going through the cycles of menstruation, birth etc.

Women need to be nurtured and helped to be receptive to the Divine Feminine as to help heal the world/Earth.

In indigenous traditions women are given a minimum of three days of silence a month. With menstruation time of if not applicable at new moon or full moon.

During this time the women visualizes opening her womb to receive the fertilization of Great Mystery’s love; this love gives force to her dreams. She opens herself to conceive of her dreams and visions and the dreams and visions for humanity, the web of life, the Earth.

Absolute silence: no reading, no music with words, no input. She listens to the silence in the silence.

Sing, drum, dance , return thanks, poetry-creating, only self – expression, thanksgiving/receiving. Light food and water.

The woman will get up at night and pray and connect with the Eternal Flame of Love. Sit on the earth, feed the fire and wait for the vision to come.

Jamie Sams, The 13 Original Clan mothers

August 2017, Elly Verrijt


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