Walking the Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a process of transformation. It is an example how the Native American people used the symbolism and the energies of the Earth as a way to see where they were on their way in life. Knowing the Medicine Wheel and living with the Medicine Wheel is learning to live a full life, a life in beauty. The end of the journey is seeing how all things have been part of a Divine Cycle, a circle that has taken you through a journey of transformation. In the course of your life, you have to walk the wheel again and again. And each time you approach the beginning of the wheel in grace. The Medicine Wheel is sometimes called the Sacred Hoop. ( Circle)

As you look at the process of your life you might see the circles you have passed through already. So you learn to value each sacred step you have taken. The Medicine Wheel shows us the lessons we have learned and by sharing them others will learn too.

Physical life begins at birth., which is the South Direction on the Circle. We will travel through the circle that South to North path until we reach the place of the Elder, in the North. The East is the home  of the Golden Door, the entry point to all other levels of awareness and consciousness. Spirits of the Ancestors who have finished their Earth Walks, leave the Wheel at the North and follow the Hoop to the East. Once again we come through the Golden Door in the East as spirits are born again into physical bodies in the South. Always remember that when you walk the wheel you are in company of all those generations before you. They walked the wheel and became wise people. They carry the wisdom of Mother Divine Those who pass it on carry the wisdom of Mother Earth.

The fire that burns in our belly, burns also in the center of the Medicine Wheel. It is the same light and all originate from the fire of the Beginning.

The powers ( talents and lessons) of the Four Directions can show us the way. Traditional native American teachers always teach the children of their Tribe to feel the Wind, so that they can know what to do if they are lost or afraid.

  • If the Wind came from the West, they should sit still and look inside their hearts for courage or an answer.
  • If the Wind came from the South, they would stop thinking that they have all the answers and learn humility and perhaps listen to another child that knows the way home.
  • If the Wind came from the North, the children would know that the Elders, in their wisdom, knew where to look for them.
  • When Wind came from the East, they were to use their good sense or logical ideas that would bring an answer to their quest.

In understanding the lessons of the sacred Wheel we learn to touch life in a deeper and more gentle way. To live the Medicine Wheel, we are asked to see the gifts of growth each direction offers. When we as Children of the Earth lose our sense of where we are and how we fit into the medicine Wheel, we lose sight of the unified circle and how to live in a sacred manner.

East                                  South                                West                               North

Illumination                Inner child as teacher          To look within                Place of Elders, wisdom

New beginnings          Innocence, healing               Introspection, silence   Insight, prayer

Eagle                             Tenderness of a deer           Bear,                              Buffalo

Morning                        Noon                                      Evening                         Night

Spring                            Summer                                Autumn                         Winter

First quarter                 Full Moon                              Third quarter                 New Moon

Light, Fire                      Soil, Body                               Water                             Air

Mind                              Bodily Self                             Emotional Self               Spiritual Self

Male Energy                  Child Energy                         Female Energy               Male Energy

YELLOW                         RED                                        BLACK                             WHITE OR BLUE

Child                               Adult                                     Senior                              Ancestor

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