Our Evolutionary Journey

Our Evolutionary Journey


  • Let us remember that we are on an awesome evolutionary journey; 13,7 billion of years of evolutionary experience are stored in every cell of our body. The memory of the whole process of creation is stored in our body, mind, soul, DNA.
  • All great changes in the Cosmos, history of the Earth and of life we have lived through. It is available to us, if we only are ready to remember.
  • You close your eyes and you remember how the first living cells emerge.
  • You are one among the first living cells. You know what to do and where to go.
  • You remember your life in the primal seas.
  • You have lived through earlier great extinctions and ecological crisis.
  • You have seen how the Earth has come through and found solutions.
  • You remember the emergence of life.. the plants moving to the land, the birds, the flowers, bees, all life …
  • You see the mammals appear and the first humans. Your body knows of eons of time. You see how humans have survived on Earth up till now.

  • You remember the time of your birth in this moment in time of the Earth and the evolution. Your cells know about the present moment, a very special moment of awakening in the long journey of the evolution.
  • You have learned how all humans and other being are connected, we all remember how the Earth community is meant to evolve.. To grow to a new consciousness as to be able to survive the present time of transition.
  • See this special time in the history of evolution and tell every cell of your body that it is time for a new awakening.
  • You see all over our beautiful blue planet beings, like me and you, one by one they step forward into the light. They and we are aware how we are connected through the heart, the whole community of life.
  • Tell your cells about the first flashes of awakening, light, newness, connectedness and feel again that sense of wonder. Your first awakening to a consciousness beyond the bounds of your physical self.
  • Remember the emergence of your inner Light, of your inner knowing. Feel the joy, the warmth, wholeness, wisdom, security of the light of the presence you are.
  • Remember every step in your growth of consciousness, and each moment you experience(d) yourself as new!
  • You remember the qualities of all those that have guided and inspired you, the Divine guidance you have received, all along. You are opening to your next awakening now.
  • Your whole body connects with the light at a planetary scale. Your work in the world calls you now. ..…it is part of your evolutionary call.
  • You will grow step by step in your passion to create…more and more from your potential Self will be manifested. You will be part of guiding the world in transition.

Elly Verrijt, 2017

Inspiration; Gateway course Barbara Marx Hubbard.

While I was building up the Eco learning Center De Gaarde ( in The Netherlands) in the first years of this millenium I heard about Barbara Marx Hubbard. The Foundation for Conscious Evolution gifted me with the opportunity to participate in the online learning process in Conscious Evolution. A great gift, only the promise that I will make Conscious Evolution more known in the World.

Therefore my gratitude to Barbara Marx Hubbard and her foundation for her work and enthusiasm.






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