Our Home is the Universe

Our home is the Universe, the Universe is here

  •  Go to a place that calls you…enter that place as the most sacred place on Earth. You are like Moses who climbed the mountain to stand before God.
  • There is a song in the Universe, a rhythm. The Sound of the Beginning vibrates through everything that has Being. The rhythm is so slow; we cannot hear it with our ears. We can only tune in to with our heart and whole being.
  • When we do that, we are connected and nourished by the Power of Life. Life force, Prana, Holy Spirit.
  • Let your heart move with it, gently, as you notice all the creatures around you, as you feel the Earth under your feet, carrying you, as you welcome the sun and hear the awakening Earth around you, as you hear the songs of the wind through the leaves. All around you is the rhythm of the universe, the sound of the Beginning. The birds know all about it, the trees and waving grasses and the flowers in their splendid simplicity. They all know it and they join in the song. Let the inform you about it  all, they have waited for you coming.
  • It is the music of the spheres, the elders say…listen to the stars and the moon, they join the song on their own way.
  • To pay attention to the rhythm of the Universe is being guided to the Essence: creation comes out of the womb of God.
  • To pay attention to the rhythm of the Universe is knowing the goodness and blessing that encompasses all of Creation. We humans have forgotten our place in the circle of life. We have forgotten the old Wisdoms; what it means to live in harmony with creation.
  • Today is day of Homecoming; knowing who we are.. We listen again to the rhythm of the dance of Life. It is never too late to join!
  • And as you bring your meditation to a closure, thank for all that you have seen and felt. Thank also for what you have not seen yet and would like to know and understand. The Wisdom of Creation , of Universe and Earth will be disclosed to humble hearts.
  • Just be aware if something has changed in how you feel in your body. Where thereinsights, unexpected things that happened, memories
  • or songs that came to you?

Write a few lines, a prayer in your journal.


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