To know the mystery of Creation in the depth of our soul

To know the mystery of Creation in the depth of the our soul.

I am regularly reading the writings of the mediaval mystic Meister Eckhart. I am very surprised by what he is writing and I like to share it with you.

“Travelling on the spiritual path” he says, ” asks for a letting go of all the images and experiences you have of God”. First of all he teaches about the soul. The soul is what a human really is. The soul is a mystery that is as great a mystery as God.

To create heaven and Earth was easy for God, but God really worked hard  to create the human soul.  Eckhart cannot really find words to express what the soul is.  There is something in the soul that is totally hidden from reason and will. God dwells in that place, one with the human in the ground of the soul.

The soul is – the -human-being – of – the- Beginning : the being he was before he existed. The soul is the Word of God who creates as S(he) speaks.

Every human knows in the ground of his being how creation came into existence, how creation meant and knows the dream of God for creation. In that deep place in our soul we find ourselves and the original oneness of all that is.  We never will be seperated from this original oneness. Who really descends in the ground of the soul, can comprehend the mystery of creation. When we enter deeply into ourselves we will find the wisdom of Creation.

Meister Eckhart speaks long before we lost our deep connection with the wisdom of creation.  Returning to this insight is a reason of great hope for us in this time.  The answers, the ways of living through the ecological questions of our time, are deeply embedded in the ground of our soul.

As I reflect on these words, a great joy and confidence comes over me. The not – created part of the soul ( which will stay after our body is no longer) can comprehend the Wisdom of the Beginning in all the life that surrounds us. It makes it very clear that we humans are destined to and born be the care -takers of Creation.

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