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Your journey of connection with the natural world is going to take you into new territory. It will lead you to discoveries, insights, beauty, and new ways of seeing yourself and your place in the world. One of the most effective ways to help yourself along the way is to record your experiences in a journal. Keeping a Nature journal is simple – all you need is a notebook or sketch pad and the willingness to spend a little time with it on a regular basis. So you will record the way you grow in your connection with nature, with the Earth.

What to write about? What will you put in your Nature journal? Just write down whatever you experience, whatever happens, mostly unexpected. What have you seen, what creature draws your attention?  Record your discoveries. Might be you want to make a drawing. Paint the sunrise or the dawn.

As you do this over a period of time, you might feel how you become more attentive, how you begin to notice that nature has to tell you something. You might notice that you can ask a question as you walk in nature. It is a very old way of finding your path in life. In Ancient traditions this is called a Vision Quest. You ask for a vision and in one way or another an answer will be given, if you only open your heart to understand.

May you grow in your relationship with Mother Earth and in this way participate in her healing.

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