Your Earth Story

I am an Earth Pilgrim

We all have an unique story of our life with the Earth. Our story is the Story of the Earth and the Story of the Earth is our story.

Once you realize this and live from this awareness, your life will really change. All that happened in your life derives a new meaning of this understanding. Our life story is the story of a pilgrim: someone who gradually discovers the deeper meaning of his or her path, walked in the intimacy of a shared life with our Mother, the Earth.

So I invite you to start to reflect, write and speak about your life in this context. Here are some guiding questions to choose from.

  • You can start by making a drawing.  Draw the way you saw the Earth when you were five. Preferably with your left hand, if you are right handed. Or the other way around if that fits you most. Just put your memory of the Earth on paper. In colors, lines, symbols. Old Earth memories will present themselves to you, if you allow yourself to just let it all happen.
  • Now you write about a favorite spot, an animal that you loved, a precious tree, a river, a special sunrise or sunset, harvests etc.
  • Write about the moment when you first realized what is happening to the Earth and that the Earth is finite.
  • Write about moments, experiences in nature, landscapes that have shaped your soul. How is the landscape of your home country imprinted in your soul? Imagine who you would be if you grew up in the Antarctic or in a desert or on the moon!
  • Are there times of alienation in your life, when you lost touch with nature? Look at times of crisis in your life. How was your connection with nature, Earth at that moment? Do you see a connection?
  • Are there moments of awakening? How did it happen? How have you responded?
  • Where are you now on your pilgrim path with our Mother? Do you hear the voices that call you to come home? Write about are those voices?
  • What is the Mother Earth inviting you to now?adventure-2178746__340
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