About the Heartbeat

There is a hearth  that beats in the Universe

For ages people have told to those who were willing to hear that the human belongs to the Earth that each creature is a child of the universe. As a child in the womb , each creature lives under the heart of the mother. We can know the heart of the mother beating. As an unborn child we knew it, and we still remember.

It is a great step in our growth when we can deeply connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. It is a life changing moment and true homecoming. Some can really feel the heart beat of Mother Earth and others can only sense it and they know!

When our heart beats in the same rhythm as the rhythm of the heart of Mother Earth, everything becomes light and easy and we will feel a great harmony and strength. Then we can work in union with Mother Earth for the wellbeing of the whole. When we live inn balance with the heart beat of the Earth, we can help to restore the balance of life on Earth, because we are now in balance.

Voices-of-the-Grandmothers                                           photo: source internet

Playing the Heart Beat  on a drum, we connect with an Ancient Universal Knowing. It is knowing the Rhythm of the Earth and  helping others to know and recognize it. We can connect with the ancient pulse of life.  We can know and feel in our bodies the rhythm of the Earth. It is grounding ourselves in the mystery of the Universe…the dance…flowing from the Beginning. Intimate, tender….The heartbeat can bring us back to the wisdom of the Earth and her rhythms, the seasons, the skies. The first peoples tell us about that.

“The first sound every human being hears is the double heartbeat. In our mother’s watery womb, we experience a sense of security and belonging because we hear our own heartbeats echoed by that of the mother who carries us for nine months. When we are drawn into Earth walks  through the miracle of birth, the second heart beat disappears. Human beings know on a deep level that something is missing and many times go through life looking for the missing heartbeat.

The missing heartbeat is found when we listen to our Earth Mother and enter Tiyoweh ( Stillness) In that place of silence, we can hear the small, still voice within our hearts, and through that experience, we can rediscover our sense of security and belonging.

The Earth Mother’s heartbeat reminds us that we are never alone. Our true Mother, the Earth, is always present to nurture us and give us rest. All she asks is that we stop to listen for the second heartbeat.”

The drum and the heartbeat

Since the beginning of civilization drums were the main universal signals for calling people together in circles. The drums were and are the common pulse of humanity. Drums connect, to all of life and all time and to the heartbeat of our bodies, here and now.

When we listen to the drum or even more so when we drum in relation to Mother Earth’s heartbeat our conciousness moves into inner worlds of vision and learning. We connect with the wisdom that is in all of creation. The drum takes us into the center of our being and when we are together in a circle we all are drawn in a deeper awareness.  and feel her attraction.

Retret Ekologi 2013 Pilihan (10)

                          “When the top of the maple trees start dying, women take up the drums   and that time is now”

                                                               An old prophecy






Jamie Sams: In Earth Medicine

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