“Affairs are Now Soul Size”

“In the center of the storm

there is an immense quiet.

      Find that place within yourself

and live your life from it-

undisturbed, efficient, at peace”

Handbook for the Evolving Heart. F. Coppieters


In the midst of the worldwide ecological crisis, there is a call. This call touches the whole of humanity. Not to do more, but to be more. We cannot save the Earth nor undo the harm that we have caused and that brings disaster after disaster.

Nevertheless the Earth calls us, the Creator touches us, the Divine Mother, who expresses herself in nature and all life, calls us. In the whole of humanity there is a movement, a vibration, a longing, a desire. A love never felt before is emerging. More and more people of all walks of life speak about a mystical life (a life of beauty and love) and their deep longing for spirituality and meaning. Their desire is for what is Holy, for what once was Holy. For what has gone and also for a place to grieve and to pray. The core of this is a call to connect with the soul, our soul. So many have lost the connection with their soul, with the soul of nature, with the web of Life. Life outside this deep connectness is empty and barren and there is deadness inside. Have we forgotten who we are?

There is NEWNESS: the call of today is at soul level. It is no longer about what we should do, but about who we are. How can we respond from our soul to the present situation of Earth?


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The human heart can go the lengths of God…

Dark and cold we may be, but this
Is no winter now. The frozen misery
Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;
The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

Thank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul men ever took.

Affairs are now soul size.

The enterprise is exploration into God.

Where are you making for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake…

But will you wake, for pity’s sake

Affairs are now soul size. It is time to allow ourselves to listen and hear, at the level of the soul. Deeper than our thoughts and emotions.To listen to what is really happening.  One by one we are called, each in our own way and with our own gifts and potentials.  When Thich Nhat Than was asked once, what the most important thing to do is, he answered: “To hear the cry of the earth”. To hear the groaning of creation on its way to completion. Now is the time for great silence and deep listening. In the book of Job is suggested to put your mouth on the earth, if you do not know what to do. To listen to what the Earth has to say. Put your ears against a tree and hear the tree speak, touch the soil with tender love and know what the soil needs. Listen to the birds before they leave us for ever and greet the moon who reminds us of cycles and rhythms. We will discover the unconditional love that is poured out in Creation. Every created being and reality is Love outpoured, if you only can grasp it.

The Earth and her life at this moment in time of the evolution is entrusted to each one of us. It is not a too big affair to accept this responsibility. It is a gift of great joy! Let us give ourselves all the honour and appreciation for how we have responded already to our inner fire that has motivated us. Honour the good things we have been able to do in our short or long life. See it, cherish it and then let go. There is still so much more to come.

Are we ready to meet our soul, to listen to ourselves at the core of our being? Can we meet the soul of humanity today? Imagine that you can hear the soul of humanity speak, what would you hear? And you will begin to trust yourself and know that it is true. You know that you share in the Divine intention that called forth creation. It takes great courage, because you often do not know nor see where you are being led. You will begin to see the connectedness of everything and you knew it all along. Might be for the first time you know that you are guided from within and you will find your way. You see with different eyes and you will ultimately find a source of joy in yourself that is incomprehensible. You will be personally invited in ways you cannot imagine.

You can prepare for hearing the call, by opening yourself for complete new and surprising ways to find God, to name the deep longing in yourself. And one day the barriers and denial will be broken. Not because you can do it, but because you are touched by grace, touched by the benign powers of the universe. We will be shown how our soul looks like, that Divine-like person that we are in the world. And the rivers of praise and prayer will open. In a world that has taken away our deepest peace and rest and presses us in nervous activity as to save what still is left, we need to go deep and listen. We will find the eternal deep cohesiveness between God, the human soul and all life in the universe.

The mystical person speaks a full YES to God and creation. The deeper the yes to our soul, the greater the healing for the whole of creation.

Be not content with reflecting about God in creation, because if the reflection goes away, so does the deep felt intimacy with God. Go deeper than the reflection. The real gift is the deep awakening at the level of your soul. There you find a strength, a beauty, an intimacy with yourself, God and the Whole. With this power you will help transform the world. Now the time has come to open yourself to the guidance of the Spirit, in and through the present moment.

Our time needs people with a deep soul life

Our present time needs people with a deep soul life. People who converse and live with Source, God in the depth of their being. Those who see more than the day to day struggle, who receive visions, inner guidance and light on how to move forward. They are men and women, young people of great wisdom. With strength, power, fearlessness and unwavering in the sight of the confusion and darkness of our time. People who dare to face the most essential questions in the context of the present ecological crisis. Because our soul knows of the great Plan, the greater Purpose in the process of Evolution. Thomas Berry states in his vision on the Great Work of Our Time that the same Power that called the Universe into existence and gave stars and planets their place,  is at work in each one of us.

Now we have invited God in our life to guide us, to make our life most fruitful and fulfilling. And what our souls knows will be unlocked and everything in us becomes a gift for the whole. All we need on our way will befall us. If we realize the gift of the call given to us, the power, creativity, courage and all that is needed is included. We may trust on that. We are in the flow, flowing with the Greater Plan.

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“Meditation and service are the pillars of a life dedicated to the Divine.

Doing nothing transformation takes place by itself.

When all seeking ceases

you and the Divine are One”.

From : Handbook for the Evolving Heart F. Coppieters  www.livinglightcenter.com

June 2017, Elly Verrijt










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