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Thoughts and reflections on Conscious Evolution

One of my teachers is Barbara Marx Hubbard. She has enriched my life by her vision that we humans have a conscious role to play in evolution. In 2005-2006 I participated in an online course on Conscious Evolution. It brought me so many new insights and most of all a much deeper understanding of the role of the human in the present time. We are the humans who by our own doing have arrived at the threshold of possible self-destruction. We are also the humans who can wake up in this moment in time and carry the evolution forward to a harmonious and sustainable Earth community, where Love will be the leading force. I offer you some insights and reflections as how to walk this path of consciousness step by step in your daily life.


From the beginning of the Universe evolution has developed from an innate dynamism and direction. It was all with a purpose says the human, who can see deep into the processes of the cosmos and evolution.

For most of the time evolution has evolved without any human presence on Earth. When the stars and the Earth were made, there were no humans around. Later on when the fishes opened their eyes and looked around there were no humans yet. When the first birdsongs filled the air, there were no human ears and hearts to enjoy. For most of the time of evolution, cosmos and Earth knew what to do without the presence of humans. The Universe invented revolution after revolution and life went on, also through the critical moments in the history of life and mass extinctions.

Since the humans came to Earth, evolution of life on Earth was and will be deeply influenced by what humans see, understand, decide and how they act. It depends on humans today if in the future there still will be birds and frogs. It will depend on us, if the last trees will be cut. It depends on us which values we teach our children and if future generations will safeguard the Earth and her beauty. If we humans like it or not we have become a partner of Earth in the processes of evolution, says Brian Swimme. This is new in the billions of years history of Life. The human will determine how the process of evolution will go on.

The human is therefore called to consciously participate in evolution. The impact of our presence in this time on Earth is much greater than to solve the problems of our time. We are not just born to be problemsolvers, for us is the path of the cocreator. If we have understood that Creation is a dynamic process, happening every moment, than by our presence we can resonate with the emerging evolutionary process. We can enter into the great mystery of the further becoming of the Universe. We call this cosmogenesis.

Conscious Evolution inspires us to be humbly aware that we are created and called into being as part of an enormous evolutionary process. Now humanity – we as humans – are in a process of transformation to take upon us our role as cocreator. “Millions of us are rising in more universal, holistic or cosmic consciousness in  self -centered world” .   ( BMH) Conscious Evolution is the ability to understand the innovations of the cosmic processes, so that with this new understanding we can look deeply into the ongoing evolution.

Some thoughts to express this in a deeper way I find in the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

” To see the world not merely as a system that is simply in movement, but as one that is in a state of genesis. Knowledge is not enough to understand the world , but see it, touch it, live in its presence. Drink the vital heart of existence in the very heart of reality”.

“The magic word  “evolution” which haunted my thoughts like a tune: which was to me like unsatisfied hunger, like a promise held out to me, like a summons to be answered”.

“The consciousness of each of us is evolution, looking at itself and reflecting upon itself“.


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The present ecological crisis can be seen and understood as an emotional, evolutionary driver and moves us into action. Calls forth the best in us, in groups, communities. If we look at the dangerous situation in this way, we do not need to sit down paralyzed and in despair but we can find there a great power and deep motivation. To a certain extend we can choose the future we want to have: step by step and with small but conscious acts.

In her book Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard writes:

“The capacity for conscious evolution means that our species has become capable of understanding and resonating with the processes of creation itself. Already we can fathom the miracle of cosmogenesis – the story of the evolution of the cosmos-. We can reach into the heart of nature and see the invisible workings of creation – the atom, gene, brain, ecological systems, stars and galaxies. Spiritually we are attuning to the patterns of evolution within us as we begin to transcend the illusion of separation born out of the phase of self- conscious humanity…We rightly stand in awe of the magnificence of cosmogenesis as well as in reverence for ourselves as creatures of this monumental process”.  Page 59

Spirituality of Conscious Evolution

Through silence, meditation, observation we can become more aware of the evolutionary impulse in the whole history of life. We may feel a deep yearning and know of a great vision to connect the meaning of our life with the evolving evolution of ever greater wholeness and consciousness.

Personal spiritual growth leads to an insight of what we can be and urges us to go inside, so that we can get a sense of  the Divine plan of ongoing creation and express it through our personal call. We will begin to discover God as the creative intelligence in all of creation. We experience the creative Power in the universe as a personal power in us. We remember where we have come from and we remember our future with the full potential. Yes, we can “remember” our future. Think about what this means! This power is in every cell of our being. We are gifted with the intuition of what the future will be. And speaking from the insight of the Aboriginals, through us the world is constantly dreamed into being!

In the process of our spiritual growth we might notice that we become more sensitive and aware of the evolution of all life and we see it all around us. We feel the urge to grow, to know and see deeply, to help build a new world, to help the Earth and her life to heal and grow. We sense and feel our aspirations for peace, love and Oneness.

We are created in such a way that in our mind, spirit, soul we can see the patterns of transformation. How the human can become an universal human, aware of being part of the whole. We are being born, through a proces of transformation, as homo universalis, a cosmic human. B. Marx Hubbard describes this process in book  “Emergence”. In fact the medieval mystic Hildegarde of Bingen speaks from the cosmic human, living from a constant awareness of Oneness. This person is constantly guided by the Spirit. Enthusiasm, creative power, inner fire are the manifestation of the Divine. Br. Swimme speaks about the planetary human and says that only the planetary human can make the right choices for the future of the planet.

Persons with an evolutionary call are in a mysterious way drawn toward each other. Nothing happens by chance but through a process of synchronicity, guided by the cosmos, they will find each other in one or another way. Cosmic law of attraction is at work here.

Recognizing the evolutionary call

  • There is a deep sense of being attuned to the whole, in time and space.
  • They grow and are being guided from their Essence.
  • Intuition is strong and they can tap into that source of knowing and they are at the same time very pragmatic.
  • They are guided by the wisdom of cosmos and Earth and are attuned to the deeper intelligence of nature.
  • They have an insight in the present destruction and in the powers of co-creation.
  • They understand why this moment in time is so special.
  • They live more and more from a constant connection with pure consciousness.
  • They carry the present transformation of the world inside of them, like a mother carries her unborn child.
  • They know “the small inner voice in themselves”, the Essential Self.
  • They feel that they are called forth passionately to respond to the needs of the Earth, humanity and see pragmatic ways to do so.

I am homo universalis in the proces of becoming.

Some affirmations.

“I am not separated from the Source of creation. I am an expression of the creation of God, the proces of billions of years of evolution. I am the presence and the process of the divine within me. I am the voice I hear. I am the guide and the follower. I am the cocreator of new worlds, new possibilities for Earth and her life”.  ( words of BMH in her book Emergence. page 19)


photo: source internet



  • Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence   B. Marx Hubbard ISBN 1-57174-204-2
  • Conscious Evolution: Barbara Marx Hubbard

Elly Verrijt, July 2016








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