We Are Everything

We Are Everything


Universe Earth nasa 17

Universe -Earth, NASA picture


We are one substance

Matter and energy,

Differing forms of the same thing.

We are one age.

Out of the substance of the universe

We are formed anew from what existed

Since the beginning of time.


We are star children.

The literal transformation of  light

Into thoughts, feelings and physical form.


We are one life.

Plants and animals,

we are part of and dependent upon

the total that we are.


We are one people.

Though we may differ in culture and colour,

In the core of our being we are all the same.

We are part of the process

Of the universe knowing itself.


We are the light of stars looking baçk at ourselves,

as we ponder the future

it is our destiny to Create.


Jim Bell, in the newsletter, Timeline May/June ’97

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