Soul Journey (2)


The four births

  1. Our first birth and home coming happens when we leave the warm nest of the womb of our mother and start the long journey of our life on Earth. Children in their early years still remember the place they come from and why they came. Therefore sometimes, they are very wise and say astonishing things. Mother Earth will embrace the child in a very intimate and deeply concerned way. Children are the children of Mother Earth.
  2. Our second birth is when the child enters puberty/adolescence. Now the ego is sufficiently formed and as a result of schooling the child might have accommodated very much to so called modern life with all the claims of a consumer society. The Earth connection might be broken already. Now the child tries to break out the web of authority figures. It is the time to manifest oneself in the world and the” we” instead of I is very important. Now the ego is the authority in life and the innate deep sensitivity for the Earth and for their own uniqueness might have grown dim. This is a necessary part in the development of a strong personality. Some very gifted children never loose the connection with the Light within. More and more young people are enlightened at a very young age and are prepared to take up leadership for the world and the Earth. The moment of homecoming is when the young adult can enter into the world from his own inner strength and can say: here I am.
  3. The third birth happens when a person really looks into the so called midlife crisis and faces  the  confusion and suffering of it. Sometimes the midlife crisis starts already around the thirties. It was C. G. Jung, who stated that all that happens in a life after the age of 30 is a spiritual quest. A life overpowered by ego will ask for conflicts and strong emotional movements, sometimes deep sufferings and painful losses. One day healing will come, choices are made for a life powered by the light of our Essence and the true call in life, our soul’s life task will become clear. A new love for self, the earth, others, God is there and we have come home again in Essence. It is a true rebirth.
  4. The fourth birth happens when one returns to our eternal home, from where we came. To the unknown land beyond our life on Earth.  And our Earth Mother will receive us once more. We rest in her and we are home.

It is up to us how often we will be born…if we only can be true to our path and do not look away from our weak and dark sides. Just in these times the deep connection with Earth will help us so much. The Earth will teach us how to live and how to die. When we walk on our Mother in truth and respect, she will walk with us. We will not grow into our full glory and stature, without honoring the Earth and all her life. So our soul path is an Earth path, there is no difference between the two. There is no spiritual path besides our common daily life. The path we go is a spiritual path because we walk an earth path and that path we find through the happenings of our soul life. Now all is One again.

May you walk your spiritual path in beauty on this beautiful Earth.

Elly Verrijt, July 2015

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