Heart consciousness and the wellbeing of the Earth

The Power of the Heart

If  we would give the other person(s) we live with, two minutes of undivided attention a day-  a presence from the heart, the relationship will continue to deepen and become more healthy and wholesome. (Cosmic Law: what we will give attention will grow) What will not get attention will wither and die.

Remember moments when you received full attention, when you were “seen”  from the heart by another person. You feel strong, grounded, radiant. It is the most normal way of being and it should not be the an  exception!

People nowadays have lost the heart connection. The ecological crisis can  come to people at large losing their connection with the heart. If we are not seen, we will not see and loose our contact with the flow of life. Just imagine how our Earth can change if each person receives 2 minutes of loving attention a day! Let us not just search solutions for problems, but give attention to what is really there. The wisdom of the heart will bring the solutions. All wisdom is in the life we live from the heart.

When we give full attention life energy (Prana) flows and is passed on. We give the other person the great gift of life-energy. This energy comes from the zero -point field of ( free ) energy. When we open our heart we open the door to an immense field of energy. The open heart is connected to a field beyond space and time; an enormous field of information. ( see heart coherence science, internet)

Feelings of compassion and love, care, respect, full attention, honor bring a coherent heart rhythm, while feelings of frustration, anger, insecurity and fear can lead to an incoherent heart rhythm.

If you experience love, respect, honor, full attention a hormone called DHEA is produced and helps in the process of slowing down the process of aging, Alzheimer, loss of memory, diabetes, depression, tiredness.

A loving body absorbs less cholesterol and produces more immunoglobulin A and blood pressure is lowered.

How to open the heart?

Bring your attention to the area of your heart. Visualize that you breathe in through the heart and breathe out through your solar plexus, right under your breast bone. Allow positive feelings to come. E.g. precious memories. Your heart rhythm will change immediately.

Heart energy heals the world.

Not the brain will ’save” the world, but the heart. It has been proven scientifically that the heart is much more attuned to the situation than our brain.  Feelings in the heart are much quicker and powerful than our brains. Positive thinking helps but positive feeling is a much stronger impulse for health: both personally, communally and for the life of the Earth.

Our heart has a very strong electromagnetic field; 5000 times stronger  than the field of our brain. Our heart has a great impact on electromagnetic radiation all around us. The start you want to see in the world starts in your heart.

Global warming, climate change, poverty, massive loss of life, dying environment, fear insight of great disasters…what will help ? A heart that is open and peaceful can give us more power to deepen our desires and intentions.

Inspirations: H. Andeweg in his book “Scheppend leven”.




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